• Carmen - Front Office Department

    Hello, my name is Carmen and I'm part of the front office department at SDPG.  I graduated from Brightwood College as a medical assistant.  I decided to get into the medical field because I love helping people.  I enjoy working at SDPG because all the doctors and staff are friendly and they care about each other.  In my free time I like to sing, dance, and spend time with my family

  • Pedro - Billing Department

    Hi, my name is Pedro and I work in the billing department at SDPG. I come from the high desert and have been working in medical billing for over 6 years. I always make myself available to answer any billing question or concerns patients may have, and will work to find a fair and amicable solution. I moved to San Diego for the weather but stayed for the food.

  • Rebecca - Office Manager

    I am a Medical Office Manager working on my 17th year at San Diego Podiatry Group and overall twenty plus years of experience in office management. Previously I have worked in the fields of Otolaryngology, Dermatology and Podiatry. My duties are many and varied as you can imagine with five Podiatric Doctors in our practice. One of my duties I particularly enjoy is scheduing surgery for our patients. It brings me great pleasure getting to know the patients and following their recovery period with the expertise of our surgeons. In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family, walking my two beagles, reading, gardening and listening to classical music.7

  • Raina - Back Office Assistant
    I've been working here at SDPG for about 13 years. I'm an x-ray tech and a medical assistant. I love helping our patients and making them feel comfortable while they are here. I'm very family oriented and spend my free time hanging out with my family.
  • Esmeralda - Back Office Assistant

    Hello! My name is Esmeralda or Esmie, I am the second back office assistant here at San Diego Podiatry Group and also the youngest member. I started off here as a student back in 2017 shadowing the staff and doctors. Now, they’ve welcomed me as a full time team member. Patient interactions are the highlight of my day, especially if funny jokes are involved.

  • Ashley - Billing Department
    I am a seasonal worker here at the San Diego Podiatry Group. I am a full-time student and spend my breaks working in the office wherever I can help. I enjoy working with the staff as well as with the doctors, as they all show genuine concern for their patient's well-being and care.In my free time I enjoy reading, listening to music, and spending time with my friends and family.

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