Diabetic Shoes

Shoes for patients with diabetes are made of special protective inserts and soft shoe materials to accommodate for conditions, such as neuropathy (numb feet), poor circulation and foot deformities (bunions, hammertoes, etc.). The shoes decrease the chance of foot sores (ulcers), which can be caused by friction and pressure. These sores can lead to infection, gangrene or even amputation and so preventing them is essential.

These shoes do come in a wide variety of styles and do not necessarily appear on the outside as a "medical" shoe.

The doctors at San Diego Podiatry Group will measure the patient's feet and have a special set of shoes and inserts prescribed for you.

For patients who have diabetes and meet certain criteria (decreased sensation, presence of deformity), most insurance companies will pay for a free set of shoes and inserts once a year. Contact the office today to see if you qualify for Diabetic Shoes.

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