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Even though our feet and ankles are arguably the hardest working parts of our body, and certainly take the most abuse, they are usually ignored until a problem occurs. At the San Diego Podiatry Group our Doctors and staff are devoted to the care and prevention of these problems. Our entire team sets the highest standards of excellence. We pride ourselves in our modern up to date facility where we offer all available treatment options.

We realize each patient has individualized needs – from the child to the elderly, from the sports enthusiast to the “couch potato”, which may require conservative care or surgical correction. In today’s rapidly changing health care delivery system, we are maintaining the highest level of service and quality care while continuing a friendly, personal and professional doctor/patient relationship; we find this so important in today’s otherwise impersonal world.

Conservative care when possible, and surgical correction of structural foot deformities when necessary, are emphasized in our treatment plans. This is especially important in the children and older patients at risk.

Our primary concern is that as a result of compassionate and personal care, patients are returned, as quickly as possible, to full active and pain free function.

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