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Do you tend to roll your ankle very easily or have a frequent history of ankle sprains? You may have an unstable ankle joint. People who have very high arches, or who have had a serious ankle injury in the past, may develop laxity or weakness to the ligaments that stablize the ankle joint. Over time, frequent ankle sprains can damage the surface or lining of the joint, leading to early arthritis.

There are a wide variety of treatment options depending on the situation. For people with high arches, orthotics (custom shoe inserts) can realign the foot joints to limit the stress on the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. If you have a weak ankle, physical therapy can sometimes help rehabilitate the injury and ankle braces can prevent new injuries. If conservative treatments like these don't work, then surgical stabilization of the ankle joint can give new life to an unstable ankle.

If your ankle feels weak or painful, or if you have a long history of sprains, then contact the San Diego Podiatry Group for evaluation and recommendations.

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